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Goals of the SAPP

Perinatal pharmacology comprises the impact of substances (drugs and medications, including those found in alternative medicine, vaccines, diagnostics, food supplements, abusing substances, pollutants, ionizing radiation) in pregnant women, nursing mothers, the unborn child, the premature, the newborn baby and the breastfed baby.

The SAPP is committed to demonstrating the evidence and experience of off-label medications, for doses adapted to the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of pregnant women / nursing women, and for clear recommendations for the PRAXIS. In doing so, it takes interdisciplinary guidelines of the relevant medical disciplines into account.

SAPP website

The website intends to make the aims defined in the mission statement accessible to the user. (collecting data, writing monographs, organizing and carrying out further training courses, links to professional organizations and companies)

The actual target groups, such as physicians of different specialist organizations, pharmacists, midwives and other health care professionals, are understood as users.

The website is financed exclusively by members subscriptions and does not contain any advertising in any form.